Scientific Approach

Our lab strives to conduct rigorous and carefully designed experiments to further our knowledge of the nervous system. We subscribe to open and collaborative science and will make our data and reagents available to the scientific community. We value collaborative research to address challenging biological problems as a team.


Science can be wonderful but it can also be tough and demanding. I want you to thrive while working in the lab, both scientifically and in general. This will mean prioritising your mental health and establishing a healthy work/life balance.

Mentoring Statement

Mentoring trainees is a huge privilege and something that I take very seriously. I believe there are no fixed rules for mentoring, and that different individuals will benefit from different mentoring styles--something that should be fluid over time. I want to accommodate individuals' needs to provide an environment in which they can thrive. Furthermore, I will support career development in any direction you wish to take.

Equity and Inclusion

There is lack of diversity in academia which is stifling scientific excellence. Our lab is committed to promoting equity and inclusion within science and we acknowledge that this will be a lifelong learning process. Our goal is to build a safe space where everyone is welcomed, respected, and supported. Our lab has a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment and abuse.